5 Things That Contribute To a Flat Stomach

5 things that contribute to a flat stomach

One of the biggest problems people struggle with especially women is their stomach. Most of the time people just focus on the belly fat on the outer part through exercise but that is only half of it. People totally neglect the inner part and their diet. Many people don’t realize that your diet plays a huge role you need to target behind the abs as well as in front of the abs. The abs are there you just need to reveal them. Also a good tip is not to spot train when exercising but focusing on full body workout like swimming, jogging, running, and even dancing if you want to make it fun. Some of the things going on behind your abs can give you the illusion that your stomach has more fat than what it actually is. Then you begin to do a whole lot of exercise which can be useless if you don’t focus on the inside.

CUT OUT SALT- salt is your enemy; it bloats your stomach and gives the appearance of it being bigger than what it actually is. Just cutting salt out of your diet can make a huge difference in the size of your stomach. Salt is also bad for your overall health. Salt causes high blood pressure, hypertension, kidney disorders, dehydration, swelling and much more.

BE REGULAR-make sure that you use the bathroom everyday. Not doing this can also give your stomach the appearance of being bigger. All of that food stuck inside can actually make you look 2-3 times bigger! It is also very detrimental to your health especially if you eat red meat. When you do not remove those things from your body they sit there and rot which can cause colon cancer

EAT FAST DIGESTING FOODS- fast digesting food can easily pass through your system unlike dense food that take forever to digest. These foods can get stuck and rot like I mentioned before. Fast digesting foods are much healthier and help you feel light of your feet instead of sluggish, tired and out of energy.

EXERCISE- this shed off weight to reveal that lovely core underneath and tone up your body. Also building abs which can assist in helping you use the bathroom more easily.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER- I know you hear this all the time but it really cuts back on bloating, helps flush toxins out of your body and much more so make sure you drink plenty of water instead of all the sugar filled soda and juices


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