10 Effective ways to fight breakouts

10 effective ways to fight breakouts

Dealing with breakout can be a very a stressful thing to deal with. Breakouts can become a very big hassle in everyday life. When you first meet people the fist thing they see is your face. It can kill your confidence which can affect job interviews, work, dating, your social life and much more. If you’re a woman it can be a hassle getting up in morning putting on makeup trying to cover up the breakout not knowing that could be one of the things contributing to the breakouts. But there are some men out there too applying make up just to cover up the breakouts. Some people get them every now and then but some people get them all the time. There are some things you may be doing without knowing that are contributing to those awful breakouts. Everybody wants beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. So the are 10 thing that can help you work towards it.

Properly your cleanse face. You want to make sure you cleanse your face properly especially if you wear makeup or have been working out. If not those germs, dirt, and oils will sit on your skin and cause you to breakout.

Do not use any moisturizers that contain oil. Products that contain oil like certain lotions and creams can clog your pours and cause major breakouts especially if you already have oily skin. So read the products carefully that you use on your face.

Switch the washcloth that you use one your face more often. Certain dirt and oils that accumulate on the washcloth can irritate and make you breakout. If you already have sensitive skin this is a step that you really want to follow.

Try to keep your hair from touching your face. Remember that you put products on your hair should not touch your face due to chemicals, oil or grease. And if you have a naturally oily scalp you really want to make sure you wash your hair on a regular.

Wash your pillow case on a regular. Over time your pillow case accumulates many things that can cause breakouts like dirt, debris, oil for your face and hair or saliva if you drool.

Wash your hands before washing your face. You use your hands for a lot of things and the can contain a lot of germs, dirt and oil. Facial cleansers are made to clean your face not your face and your hands.

Do not constantly touch your face or allow others. As I said before hands carry a lot of germs especially it you are out and about.

Become healthier. Drugs, alcohol, unhealthy food, and not getting proper rest are all extremely detrimental to your skin. All of these things can cause dry, oily, dull and very unhealthy looking skin on top of the breakouts.

Drink plenty of water. Water helps to flush toxins out your system. Also help your skin from becoming dry and dehydrated which can cause breakouts.


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