Avon Anew Reversalist

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Reactivate skin’s repair process to help reverse the look of wrinkles with Activinol Technology, working better together. 1 fl. oz.

75% of people felt like they had new skin overnight.* In 2 weeks, skin looks & feels dramatically tighter.* Up to 100% improvement in discolorations.** Over time, 88% of people agreed, skin looks dramatically younger.*** 5 times more Activinol than REVERSALIST Night Cream.

*Based on a consumer-perception study. **Based on a dermatologist-supervised clinical study. ***Among those who expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study.

Remember the younger you? Welcome back…Introducing ANEW REVERSALIST. Reactivate skin’s repair process to help reverse the look of wrinkles.

A key to skin repair – Activin: wrinkles are a result of micro-injuries to the skin, so AVON studied how skin heals. As part of the repair process, the body produces Activin.

5 groundbreaking years in development: exhaustive research, testing & review has resulted in an unprecedented discovery by AVON scientists: how to activate this key repair molecule.

Reactivate, recreate & reverse: Designed to boost Activin, ANEW’s Activinol Technology helps reactivate skin’s repair process to recreate fresh skin & help dramatically reverse visible wrinkles.


5 out of 5


(read all my reviews)

Location:Garner, NC

AVON Online Store shopping frequency:more than 6x a year


Skin tone:Medium

Skin type:Combination


Date:December 1, 2009

“I am absolutely amazed at the difference this serum has made. After the first use, my face looked nearly flawless; almost as if it had been “airbrushed” and my skin felt as soft as a baby’s, no lie! The discolorations are starting to fade too. My skin looks great even without make up on. This serum has totally transformed my skin. I will never look my age again (41) as long as this is around. I will never be without it. Of course, as other reviewers have mentioned, the packaging definitely needs some improvement but overall, this is without a doubt, the best serum you will ever put on your face.”


5 out of 5


(read all my reviews)

Location:Milwaukee, WI

AVON Online Store shopping frequency:more than 6x a year


Skin tone:Fair

Skin type:Combination


Date:October 9, 2012

“I just love how my skin feels velvety soft after using this product! Not greasy, not oily….just smooth and silky. It’s a light moisturizer, and one that works with combination skin. The light scent is pleasant, giving you the sense of pampering. Love it!”


5 out of 5


(read all my reviews)


AVON Online Store shopping frequency:2-3 x a year

Age:55 yrs and older

Skin tone:Medium

Skin type:Oily

Very good product, inferior packaging

Date:October 5, 2012

“I’m very pleased with this serum and want to continue. The problem is the packaging. I’ve only used mine 4 times and it won’t dispense anymore. I’ll have to pry it apart for the remaining serum. When the packaging is corrected, I’ll purchase again.”


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