Foods Good For Skin

Foods Good For Skin

Everybody wants beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin. This is some of people biggest concern. When you first meet people one of the first things they notice is your skin. When they look you want them to see nice and refreshed not dull, drained, dry, and uneven and so on. If your skin is not how you want it to be it can kill your self-stem, confidence, and affect your everyday life. Your skin is a reflection on your overall health and just being healthy and knowing the right things to eat can make an improvement in your skin. So here is a list of some food and how they benefit your skin.

Pomegranate- regulate blood flow

Chocolate- glowing skin & reduces puffiness

Walnuts- soften skin

Peppers- help prevent crow’s feet

Sunflower seeds- brighten skin

Kidney beans- fight zits

Soy- even skin tone

Oatmeal- retain youth

Green tea – calm redness



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