20 Beauty Do’s And Dont’s

20 Beauty Do’s And Don’ts


DON’T fall asleep with makeup on. This can cause premature aging and breakouts


DO cleanse face properly and often. Not cleansing your face properly will leave behind makeup, dirt and oil which can cause breakouts, premature aging and all over unhealthy looking skin.


DON’T tug, pull or rub eyes. Always pat or gently whip the skin around the eyes are very delicate.


DO take care of your face inside and out. If you are unhealthy on the inside it will show on the outside no matter how much skin care you use.



DON’T recreate your face with makeup, enhance what you already have.


DO moisturize. Dry skin tends to get fine lines and can also appear rough.


DON’T over pluck brows. You should only pluck to clean up over plucking can lead to no brows.


DO wear SPF. The sun can severely damage skin and speed up the aging process.


DON’T wear bold lip and eye at the same time. This can be over powering and possibly scare people off.


DO exfoliate this will remove dead skin which can make your face look rough and dull. Exfoliating will reveal brighter smoother looking skin.


DON’T pile on makeup use a full coverage instead. This can make skin look cakey and prevent it from breathing





DO clean makeup brushes on the regular. Dirty brushes can cause major breakouts


DON’T always have hair touching face this can also cause breakouts.


DO blot after applying liquid foundation especially if you have oily skin. This will remove any access oil also be sure to powder afterwards


DON’T ever use oil or any thing containing oil as a moisturizer. This will clog pours and cause breakouts



DO wait 15 min. after cleansing face to apply moisturizer to make sure pours are closed.


DON’T wear straight blue on eyes try warm colors like brown to balance it out.


DO wear colors that compliment your skin tone.


DON’T wear big false lashes in the professional field. (work, office hospital, etc.)


DO drink plenty of water



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