Ancient Beauty Secrets

Ancient Beauty Secrets: What Cleopatra and the Modern Woman Have in Common

by Jennyrichards    November 05, 2012

 Women have always been vain – and that’s not a bad thing when taken in moderation. From the ancient times to these modern times, women have always had some form of beauty ritual to take care of their physical attributes.


In ancient times, women had to rely on natural ingredients alone for their beauty techniques. For a time, modern women heavily relied on technology alone to take care of their beauty needs.


Of late, modern women are slowly going back to their ancient roots and are starting to once again use solely natural means of enhancing or maintaining their beauty.


Natural beauty techniques are not only more affordable, they also pose lower health risks plus they have very few, if any, negative side effects.


Beauty Tips: From Ancient Times to Modern Times


Stories abound that Cleopatra was an alluring woman. She wasn’t all that beautiful – she didn’t have a strikingly beautiful face – but her beauty glowed so nonetheless that men of power found themselves weak when dealing with her.


Milk Baths


One of the oft-told stories about Cleopatra’s beauty regimen is bathing in fresh goat’s milk. Although there are no solid accounts of the exact moments when she did this, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if she did bathe in milk to keep her skin healthy and glowing.


In fact, if stories are accurate, Queen Elizabeth I and Elisabeth of Bavaria also soaked in milk baths to take care of their skin.


 Soakinin a tub of warm water with milk helps hydrate the skin and also gets rid of dead skin. You may pour drops of lavender oil or other essential oils to give you a more relaxing bath.


 Natural Facial Masks


 Natural facial masks have also been used since ancient times. Ingredients such as clay, honey, milk, yeast and cucumber were mixed and matched to come up with the right facial mask.


 For a simple yet effective facial mask, you can combine fresh milk and honey in equal parts.


 Warm the milk a bit to make it easier to blend in the honey. Let cool and apply on face. Leave on for about fifteen minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.


 Facial Rinse


 A favorite facial rinse used in ancient times, again with reference to Cleopatra’s supposed beauty rituals, is apple cider vinegar. This special vinegar is said to help restore the skin’s pH balance.


 It is very easy to prepare this. Simply add about one-fourth of a cup of the vinegar to one basin of warm water. Mix the two ingredients together and then use as a facial rinse.


Let it dry naturally which means you should not towel it off.


You can use this after you have used your usual facial wash to remove dirt from your face. This is also recommended for those with acne problems.


Body Scrub


To exfoliate her skin, Cleopatra would often use body scrubs as she soaks in her tub of warm goat’s milk. Her favorite body scrub is composed of sea salt, olive oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils.


To make your own body scrub, combine three cups of sea salt, three-fourths cup of olive oil, three-fourths cup of sweet almond oil and a few drops of essential oils of your choice although this last ingredient is optional.


Mix all ingredients together until thoroughly combined. Scrub mixture onto your body and then leave for about 5 minutes before rinsing



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