How To Get Long Lasting Beautifully Polished Nails

How To Get Long Lasting Beautifully Polished Nails         


Is your nail polish chipping, appearing dull or uneven? Have you ever polished your nails and a few days later find them chipping and/or appearing dull? Are you tired of constantly having to do you nails and waste polish because they have already messed up or being embarrassed because your nails look terrible due to chipping or being dull? There are many factors that contribute to this problem that you may not be aware that you are doing. So here are some of the reasons this is happening, what you can do to fix it and how to achieve beautiful long lasting results.            

Common causes:

Nail polish is too thick

Nail polish is applied to thick

Nails aren’t completely dried between coats

High nail manipulation

Not using a base coat

Not using a top coat


If nail polish is too thick add a little nail polish remover

Apply thin coats of nail polish (one swipe down the middle and one on each side)

Make sure nail polish has completely dried before adding the next coat

Try not to do as many rough activities with your hands that can possibly chip your nails

Below are directions and thing you will need to achieve nicely polished nails

Thing you will need:

Nail clipper

Nail file

Base coat                                                                                                                          

Nail polish color

Top coat                                                                                                                                                                                


Step 1: clip nails down to your desired length

Step 2: use nail file to smooth edges and shape your nails

Step 3: apply your base coat and allow to dry completely

Step 4: apply your color of choice by doing one swipe down the middle and one on each side. Allow polish to dry completely then apply your next coat. If you would still like to add an extra coat you can just be sure that nails have dried completely. Tip: the thinner the coat the quicker the drying process will be.

Step 5: apply top coat of your choice, allow to dry and your nails are complete

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